McKenna - Episode 3
The Pony

Opening Scene:

Brick and Cass are talking about some films they saw recently and, in particular, one called Zombie Pods Slumber Party Massacre. Harry is about six years old and he is wondering why he has not seen this and they explain that it's not for little kids.

Jack looks out across the lake and tells everyone to watch closely as it is a rare evening when the setting sun strikes the water just right and produces the most beautiful effect. He asks what is taking Lee so long with the dessert, and they set up a chant for ice-cream.

Inside the house, Lee is sitting at the kitchen table - and she is crying.

Voice-over and credits: Talks about dreams, and holding onto the little dreams.

Rose has found a love for dressage since seeing a horse show and Lee wants to encourage this interest. She takes her to the nearby dressage school. The tutor is pleased with Rose's seating but says she needs a far better horse than one of the working horses from the McKenna ranch. Rose has a try on a beautiful horse and Lee can see, instantly, what he means. The tutor mentions that this particular horse is for sale.

When she gets back she tells Jack that she wants to buy that horse for Rose but Jack insists they cannot afford it. Lee is discontent. She feels that she puts in a lot of time into the business and she wants more for her children - and if Jack cannot give something back then perhaps she ought to be looking for another life for her and the children.

Two guests are due in - Shannon from LA and Jeremy from Boston.

Shannon and Lee hit it off right away. She is a former business woman who has decided to leave the rat race behind and set herself up in a guest house business near Bend. Jack mentions that the last attempt by someone met with failure but Shannon is convinced that they must have had no business sense. She believes she can make a try of it and enlists the help of Lee to help her find the right property. She is going to use the McKenna ranch as her base while she searches.

Jeremy is a spoiled young man near Cass's age, and he and Cass hit it off too well for Brick's liking. Jeremy stays in his cabin reading books and listening to music, refusing to go out and do anything.

Harry wants to watch a film but Lee is busy so Brick shows him how to work the VCR for himself.

Brick: When you find the one you want, you put it in here and press this button.

Unfortunately, Brick is too distracted to wait around and check Harry's choice. Harry pushes aside all the children's videos and reaches into the back for Zombie Pods.

Brick finds Cass and Jeremy kissing in her room, and makes sure they both know he's not overly cool with the idea. When he catches Jeremy phoning his father later - and lying about all the outdoor activities he has been doing, Brick pretends he wants to speak to Jeremy's Dad. Jeremy hangs up but Brick says he already has his father's number and he blackmails Jeremy into going on a trail.

During the day, Lee takes Shannon to see several properties and they finally ended up in a large empty house. Lee mentions that she and Guy spent a weekend there once, house sitting, and that it was the only time they ever were alone in all the time they were married. Shannon has just gone through divorce and assumes Lee has too, but Lee tells her that Guy was killed in an accident. Shannon loves the house; it reminds her of her grandmother's house, a place that always felt warm and safe to her.

Shannon makes Lee an offer of coming in as a partner, saying that Lee can pay back her share over time and we can see that Lee is considering the offer seriously. They spend the evening sitting on the floor in the house sharing a bottle of wine. Afterwards, Shannon hands Lee the keys to her sportscar and lets Lee drive.

Jack is a little annoyed that Lee has been spending too much time with Shannon. She left very early in the day and did not get back until very late. He cannot understand what is wrong with Lee these days.

Next day:

Jack has relented and he buys the dressage horse for Rose. However, he has a tour to take out and we learn that Jack has a favourite horse, Roney. Everything is fine until a late arrival turns up. There are not enough horses to go around and so Jack offers to take the girl out on a special ride afterwards. The organiser is annoyed. She says she was told there were enough horses to accommodate a group of that size. Jack looks over and sees Rose's new horse.

Lee arrives back at the same time that the group returns. Rose's horse had taken a fall and has injured its leg. Even though Rose insists that she gave her grandfather permission to use the horse, Lee is upset as the dressage competition is the coming weekend and the horse will still not be fit to ride by then. She tells Jack that Shannon has offered her a partnership in the Bed and Breakfast - and that she plans to accept.

In the meantime, Brick has dragged Jeremy out on a gruelling seven mile log walk, over muddy land and wading through streams. By the time they reach the ranch he is wet, tired, covered in mud and no longer interested in Cass and says he has been out playing King of the Hills with Ranger Brick.

Jack takes Rose out to the paddock and says she can use Roney for the dressage. Rose is stunned as he never allows anyone to ride Roney except him. He explains that Roney is an old cattle horse and, though the signals are different, Roney can do anything a dressage can do. He starts to teach Rose the signals.

Harry is scared. He has watched the film about zombies and has become convinced that his mother is one of them as she has been acting so peculiar recently and now wants them to move away from the only home they have ever known. That night Jack tucks Harry up in bed and Harry tells him his fears about his mother. Jack says it is not true as anyone who is never too tired to help everyone else, and who smiles as much as Lee could never be taken over by zombies - because she is too good. Lee overhears this.

Jack is working on Guy's sportscar again and cannot understand why the engine won't turn over. He is upset though. He is talking to Brick and telling him that he got Lee the horse so what more does Lee want from him.

Jeremy leaves without more than an offhand goodbye to Cass, and later, when Cass asks Brick if Jeremy mentioned her at all during the treks. He says that Jeremy was surprised to find such a lovely person like Cass in a place like this. Instead of being pleased, Cass is affronted and decides Jeremy was arrogant and rude.

The day of the Dressage Competition:

Jack, Brick and Lee are there watching, and Rose does very well. She does not come first but is placed quite high, beating several of the other girls who snubbed her because she is not as wealthy as they. Everyone is happy with the result.


Lee tells Jack that she has decided to stay on because the McKenna ranch is her home, and the children's home whereas the Bed and Breakfast would only ever be someone else's home. Jack has finally managed to get the sportscar working. He shows it to Lee and she tells him how she and Guy dreamed of taking it for a long ride - just the two of them. Jack hands her the keys and tells her the car is hers; that it had always been intended for her. She is stunned and pleased. She gets in and drives off; happy for the first time in ages.

End of Episode 3 - The Pony