McKenna - Episode 4
Racing in the Streets

Opening Scene:

Brick and Dale are in Bend. Several others remark to Brick about the car that has pulled in, telling Brick he ought to race the guy. It appears that Brick used to be the hometown racing champion. The man, Clint Emend, wants to race but Brick refuses at first. Emends girlfriend says that Brick's car is not fast enough to beat Emend's and Brick is suckered into racing. Dale is against the whole thing as road racing is illegal but he goes along for old times sake.

The race starts but Brick uses an old street racer trick which makes Emend lose the race almost as it starts by blowing a gasket or something of that nature. The girlfriend had seen what was happening and tried to stop Emend but was too late. He is angry and he hits her. She grabs hers belongings and walks out of him. Brick pulls up beside her and asks her where she plans to go. She doesn't know so he offers her the use of the empty cabin at McKenna while she decides.

Brick takes 'Skates' to a bar and Skates reveals that she knows a lot about cars but that no one has ever let her near the Pits. They dance together. Emend arrives, interrupting their dance, and says he wants Skates to come back but instead, Brick and Emend fight. Emend demands a race rematch but this time the prize will be the loser's pink slip (ownership papers)

Afterwards, Brick asks Skates if he has a hope of winning, and Skates tells him he is racing his 1500 against an $18,000 Chevy, so NO, he is going to lose.

The next day, Emend arrives at McKenna ranch with a large, gift-wrapped basket of confectionery. She is close to going back to him but Brick tells her that she is worth far more than a few chocolate bars. He gives her the strength to say no - and the race is still on.

Skates says that if he wants to win then he needs a better engine. They go to the scrap dealers and Skates finds a block and transmission that should do the job. They spend every remaining minute working on the car, putting in the new engine.

Cass, Harry and Rose help at first, even though Cass does not want to get her hands dirty. Brick's sense of humour is revealed when he pretends that they have amputated his arm when slamming down the bonnet. They all jump on him.

Eventually it is just the two of them but Skates starts to have doubts about herself. Brick has a go at her, telling her that he believes in her and they continue on. Later, as they are working under the car, a third head joins them to help hold the wrench steady - it is Jack.

Day of the race:

Dale hold the flag starts the race. The Chevy is slightly ahead through most of the race but Brick's modified car takes it on the final straight. He has won. Emend hands over his pink slip as agreed but Brick hands it to Skates, saying that the car rightfully belongs to her.

She drives off to start a new life for herself without being dependent on others.

Secondary Plot:

Two new guests arrive. They are a couple about to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary but, instead of being happy all they do is argue with each other.

The wife tells Lee about how much they had once loved each other - about how they met at a dance and she was the lucky one to win a dance with him.

The husband tells Jack how much he once loved his wife, how they met, and how proud he was to be her husband but that everything had changed and the love had gone.

They decide that rather than celebrate their 25 years of marriage, they will get a divorce. Jack agrees to drive them back to the airport but stops along the way as he wants to show them something. He leads them about twenty feet from the car and then says he has forgotten something. Instead of grabbing what he has forgotten, he gets into the car and starts to drive off. He throws them some water and a map and then leaves them behind.

The couple are angry but work together to read the directions on the map. They begin to laugh at and with each other, unaware that Jack is out their watching their every move to make sure they don't get hurt. Eventually they come to a campsite that has been set up for them. There is only a single double-size sleeping bag but there is food and a bottle of champagne.

The camera pans away from them laughing and making idle threats about suing McKenna, and we discover that they are barely 300 yards from the ranch.

The next day, they walk back to the ranch and each makes their threat, telling Jack and Lee that they should feel lucky that they have decided not to sue but, as they walk away, the wife looks over her shoulder and smiles her thanks, and the husband gives the thumbs up behind his back.

End of Episode 4 - Racing in the Streets