McKenna - Episode 5
The Pursuit

Opening Scene:

Brick drives into town to get some supplies. There is a man looking for an Outfitters and Brick suggests McKenna, feeling pleased that he has brought more business to the ranch as things have been far too slow recently.

Brick: Life's what happens to you when your busy making other plans

Jack agrees to take the stranger out. In the mean time, Brick goes back to the school with Cass and then goes to see his best friend. He parks in the Sheriff's spot and when his car gets towed he races back in to see Dale Goodwin. Dale is talking with an agent, Fowler, and Brick spots an open file and a photo on the desk. He recognises the face as belonging to the man he sent to Jack.

Brick, Dale and Fowler rush to the ranch to see Lee and she says the man, Bobby Clarke, had asked Jack to take him to Todd Lake. Lee contacts Jack and makes up a story saying that his grandson, Harry, has had a bad accident but Clarke knows it is a ruse and he pulls a gun on Jack. He takes the radio and speaks to Fowler, saying he knows the man is there.

Brick wants to go after his father, saying he knows the country better than anyone, save for Jack, and Dale agrees. Brick goes to get the horses ready.

Clarke is really heading for Elk Lake, and Jack tells him that he will cause him no trouble as he knows Brick will be coming after them -- and he wants to keep Brick as far away as possible in order to protect him. Clarke forces them to cross a river in an unsafe place, against Jack's advice, and Jack comes off his horse and is swept downstream. Instead of leaving him to drown, Clarke races downstream after him. Jack fetches up against a log and is rescued by Clarke.

In the meantime, Brick is frantic with worry for Jack and does not want to wait, but Dale wants to go by the book, forcing them to slow the pace down.

Jack and Clarke huddle around a campfire and they begin to talk, and Jack explains why he has not made any trouble for Booby Clarke.

Jack: Trying to keep my son alive.
Clarke: Is that why you're playing straight with me?
Jack: Brick's got a good heart but he's a hothead. I had one son killed, Bobby. I don't wanna lose his brother.

Brick leads Dale and Fowler over high ground towards Elk Lake. Dale asks Fowler to call for back up but Fowler says it is not necessary, and that they are on their own. Dale warns Brick that Fowler might not be all he claims to be as he noticed that the man has teflon coated bullets in a bereta with a silence. Neither are standard issue, which has made him very suspicious of Fowler's motives.

Next day:

They are close to Elk Lake, and they watch as a plane arrives and lands on the water. Clarke reveals that he had turned State's evidence and was in the Witness Protection Program but then his new life was uncovered by a corrupt agent, Fowler, so he had to make a run for it.

Brick arrives on the scene, racing in on horseback to save his father, and Jack shouts to Clarke when the man raises his gun.

Jack: That's my son, Bobby. You're not gonna kill him.

Jack convinces Brick to stay back and allow Clarke to get on the plane, telling him that everything will be all right, and hoping that Brick will listen to him. Fowler tries to stop Clarke but is too late, but in his attempt he reveals his true motive, that he had been paid to murder Clarke, and hence silence him. He is arrested by Dale.


Brick: You think you know people, even the ones closest to you but they can be full of surprises. That's why you never know how things are going to turn out.

End of Episode 5 - The Pursuit