McKenna - Episode 6
Girl Gone

Opening Scene:

Jack's brother, Sam, arrives with his daughter. He has always hated harvest time from when they were kids and forced to help out by their father. Sam gives Jack a gift of a $10,000 saddle, which Jack refuses.

Walter arrives at the school to fix the boiler, and says hello to Cassie. She tells him not to speak to her -- doesn't want anyone to know that she knows Walter.

One of the teachers has gone home ill and the head teacher asks Walter if he would be prepared to sit with the class -- he agrees -- but it is Cassie's class.

Jack and Sam had a similar relationship to Brick and his older brother, Guy, both sharing a sibling rivalry except that Jack had been the favorite son, whereas Guy had been Jack's favorite son.

They grow Alfalfa on the ranch to use as horse feed, to keep costs down, but if it rains before they get the harvest in then the alfalfa will rot on the ground.

Although her father had brought her up there to spend time together, he refuses to leave his phone, answering calls constantly and ignoring her needs. In bitterness, she drives up to the ridge after an argument with her father, and loses control, going over the side of Batchelor Road. Fortunately, she is not seriously injured.

Walter cannot keep the class under control, until he starts to tell them all about Gettysburg, and how the battle was lost because of shoes. the story completely enthrals the class, and Cassie is proud to know him afterwards.

Jack and Sam argue, about the past, and it is revealed that Brick's mother left Jack and only the kids held him together when his world seemed to fall apart. Jack tells Sam to go... to get the hell out of here.. and then the threatened storm hits.

Sam reveals that the reason he came back is because his world had just fallen apart. He and his wife had split up. The reason he was constantly on the phone was that he was desperately trying to save his business but, because of his daughter, he missed the most important call and hence had lost everything.

With just the two of them, Brick knows it will be impossible to save the harvest as they need one person to drive while one picks up the bales and throws them up to the person stacking them on the back. They race out into the storm anyway... and Sam joins them.

Afterwards, Jack and Sam are in the barn together, and they are content in each other's company for the first time in decades.

End of Episode 6 - Girl Gone