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Hugo Langdon is a tertiary character on "American Horror Story". He first appears in the episode "Murder House" as Constance's cheating husband. Hugo is the father of Adelaide, Tate, Beauregard, and one other unknown child. Hugo is also the grandfather of Michael.

In 1983, Constance and Hugo were living in the Murder House, along with their maid, Moira, and their children. Hugo worked as a car salesman. Returning from work one day and drunk, he found Moira making the bed and started groping her. She rejected him, then acknowledged they had slept together once previously, but that it was a mistake. He continued, and she begged him to stop, saying she desperately needed her job. Hugo didn't accept this and proceeded to throw Moira on the bed and attempted to rape her. Constance discovered the two of them and threatened them both with a gun. Before Moira could speak, Constance quickly shot her in the head, the bullet entering through her eye. Hugo tried to reason with her, but she shot him three times in the chest, killing him. Constance would then chop his body into bits and feed him to their dogs.

Hugo still is living in the Murder House as ghost. He is occasional lover of Hayden.


1.03   Murder House

A flashback to 1983 shows Hugo while was alive and living in the Murder House. He attempts to rape Moira, and is caught by Constance, who shoots him three times in the chest, killing him.

1.08   Rubber Man

It is shown that his ghost does in fact reside in the house. Hayden is speaking with Nora in the master bedroom and she reveals a flashback of her having sex with his spirit on the bed before becoming overwhelmed with rage and stabbing him multiple times with an awl. He appears dead, but suddenly awakens and goes off to the kitchen as though nothing happened.

1.10   Smoldering Children

Hugo is mentioned in this episode while Constance is being questioned by the police the murder of Travis. The police bring up the odd disappearances of Moira and Hugo. Constance covers up Moira and Hugo's deaths claiming that they ran away together. A flashback to 1983 shows Constance burying Moira in the backyard, then butchering Hugo's body and feeding his remains to a pack of dogs.