Angel Falls - A Novel Holiday artwork created by Tarlan

Angel Falls - A Novel Holiday


Hannah Pressman
Ryan MacDonald
Anthony (guardian angel)      
Tina Finnegan
Leslie Pressman
Lowell Pressman
Ashley Jennings
Tom Jennings
Raffi (guardian angel)
Pastor Howard
Jen Lilley
Carlo Marks
Eric Close
Rachael Crawford
Rob Stewart
Laura Miyata
Zach Smadu
Chris Sandiford
Allison Hossack
Judy Marshak
Linda Burzynski
Bill Lake


Hannah works at the family's publishing company which is trying to expand. Her old friend but also competitor from their school days, Ryan, turns up in town to sort out his parents estate and Hannah's parents engage him, with his marketing skills, to help with their expansion. This bothers Hannah that has not forgotten when she and Ryan competed for the same job, a competition that Ryan won. There is also a new tenant in Ryan's parents hose, Tina. She is a famous author of romance novels that has lost the will to write. Hoping to recruit her as a writer to the family business Hannah tries to engage her in the towns Christmas activities. And Angel Falls would not be Angel Falls if there's not an angel in town to help and nudge events in the right direction.

- Written by Anonymous on IMDB