CHAOS artwork created by Tarlan



Michael Dorset      
Rick Martinez
Casey Malick
Billy Collins
Fay Carson
Adele Ferrer
H.J. Higgins
Eric Close
Freddy Rodriguez
Tim Blake Nelson
James Murray
Carmen Ejogo
Christina Cole
Kurtwood Smith


EPISODE LIST: - Select link to see screen captures of the episode

  01   Pilot
  02   Song of the North
  03   Love and Rockets
  04   Two Percent
  05   Mole
  06   Eaten By Wolves
  07   Remote Control
  08   Core Fortitude
  09   Defending Sofia
  10   Glory Days
  11   Deep Cover Band
  12   Mincemeat
  13   Proof of Life


The series takes place in Washington D.C.

A procedural comedy drama about rogue CIA operatives who succeed in their special operations around the globe despite incompetence and political infighting at the home office.

I will be adding to this episode guide as time allows.