Dark Skies artwork created by Tarlan

Dark Skies


John Loengard
Kimberly Sayers      
Frank Bach
Jim Steele
Phil Albano
Eric Close
Megan Ward
J.T. Walsh
Tim Kelleher
Conor O'Farrell


01   The Awakening (Pilot)
02   Moving Targets
03   Mercury Rising
04   Dark Days Night
05   Dreamland
06   Inhuman Nature
07   Ancient Future
08   Hostile Convergence
09   We Shall Overcome
10   The Last Wave
11   The Enemy Within
12   The Warren Omission
13   White Rabbit
14   Shades of Gray
15   Burn, Baby, Burn
16   Both Sides Now
17   To Prey in Darkness
18   Strangers In the Night
19   Bloodlines


The series is set in the 1960's and concerns a government employee, John Loengard, and his fiancée Kimberly Sayers. Loengard's quest for the truth leads him to a secret government operation, called Majestic-12, which deals with extra-terrestrials. When Loengard learns too much, he and Kimberley are forced to go on the run, hiding from both the Government and from a vicious alien race, The Hive.

I will be adding to this episode guide as time allows.