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Dianne Parker-McCune      
David McCune
Mark McCune
Amy Williams
Julia Parker-McCune
Julia Parker-McCune
Hannah Parker
Kimberly Williams
Campbell Scott
Eric Close
Alexa Vega
Amanda Fein
Caitlin Fein
Blair Brown
Roxanne Hart
Tim Ransom


Two brothers fall in love with the same woman and she falls for the younger brother, Mark.

Everything is wonderful until she falls pregnant and they discover that the baby has severe genetic problems. He wants her to have an abortion, unable to deal with the trauma of hospitals, having watched his mother die in one, but she is determined to have the baby. Mark cannot cope and he leaves but his older brother, David, who is a pediatrician, and her mother, Hannah Parker, remain steadfast in their support.

Several years later, a traffic accident brings Mark back into Dianne's life. Even though they still care for one another, and they make plans to get back together, when it comes to the final hurdle, he cannot accept his severely handicapped daughter, Julia. Dianne finally recognizes this and realizes that they have no future together, and this time she is the one to walk away.

David, who has loved Dianne in silence for all these years, lets his feelings known, and they make a life together with Julia.