Hercules - The Lost Kingdom artwork created by Tarlan

Hercules - The Lost Kingdom


Queen Omphale      
Blue Priest
Kevin Sorbo
Anthony Quinn
Renée O'Connor
Robert Trebor
Eric Close
Elizabeth Hawthorne
Nathaniel Lees


A plea for help reaches Hercules from the people of the lost kingdom of Troy but, along the way, the Fates put a young woman, Deianeira, in his path. A mysterious Blue Priest helps her on her journey, protecting her from harm. However, after locating the magical compass that will lead them to the shores of the ancient land, they discover there is more to the mystery.

Walking through the forest towards the ancient city, Hercules and Deianeira are captured by a young warrior, Telamon, who brings them to a refugee camp. They hear the story of Troy, and how the dying king refused to hand over his newborn daughter to the queen of the Gods, Hera. In her fury, she sent the Blue Priests to destroy the people, and the survivors fled into the land surrounding the city. The king sent his daughter away but, now, his people are on the verge of extinction so he had sent the plea for help.

Before he dies, the king reveals that Deianeira is his daughter, and that she must take up the reins of power and become Queen of Troy. She is infatuated with Hercules but realizes that she has her duty to her people now. With Hercules' help, she and Telamon prepare her people for a last battle.

During a one-to-one battle, Telamon is injured, and it is the lowly ex-slave, Waylin, who discovers the means to destroy the Blue Priests. In the meanwhile, Deianeira, believes she would be saving her people by handing herself over to the Blue Priest to be sacrificed to Hera. Hercules prevents this from happening, with his father's assistance (Zeus).

The people of Troy win and Deianeira is saved, but Hercules is carried away from the land and lost to Deianeira.