Hooked artwork created by Tarlan



Rainey Masters
Connor Carlisle
Mr. Campbell
Detective Michael Sharpe      
Detective Frank Scagnetti
Deiter Mulligan
Dorm Security Don
V.O. Genie & Patricia
Young Leah
Catherine Curtin
Andy Karl
Jon Lovitz
Eric Close
Joe Barbara
Zach Anderson
Lance Roberts
Dwayne Hill
Matthias Sebastiun Garry
Cordelia Comando


Hooked is an original web series that is about a socially awkward girl in college who navigates the dating and social scene. She winds up in bizarre and hilarious situations because of her social anxiety and insecurities about herself. She constantly battles with how far will she go out of her comfort zone to achieve normalcy so she does not lose out (forever) on the chance in having a place in this world? After getting accepted to Brooklyn Heights University, Leah Masters convinces her cult leader parents, Rainey and Connor, to allow her to leave "The Mountain" so that she can recruit new members. However, unbeknownst to her parents, Leah is joined by ousted cult member Clarissa Duffer. Back at "The Mountain", the FBI are watching them.

- Written by Brittany Portman on IMDB