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I am gradually placing information regarding each TV and Movie appearance by Eric Close on the relative page - such as synopses, links to screen captures etc.

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Eric Close Character Fiction

I am slowly moving the archive over into the Eric Close Fiction and Art collection on AO3 as it has far better features for uploading, sharing, reading/downloading stories, searching... and is being maintained by a permanent bank of staff who LOVE fandom in all its many forms.

So if you notice stories disappearing off the Fiction Archive then FEAR NOT! They are not gone, just on the AO3 collection instead. I'll update individual page links on UpClose as I move forward.

PLEASE CONTACT ME if you already have stories on AO3 and want to add them to either or both the MB and EC collections on AO3... or simply edit your story to post to the collection - type Eric Close in the collection box. The collection is moderated to avoid stories that don't feature Eric Close ending up in the collection but I will approve as quickly as possible.

Eric Close Fiction and Art (AO3) | Fiction Archive

No matter how you choose to read, I hope you will consider sending feedback to the author. AO3 allows KUDOS and COMMENTS, and the old archive allows COMMENTS.

It may encourage them to write even more fiction for your enjoyment.

[Warning: There is ADULT fiction on this site]

Gallery and Screen Captures

To see some great photos from my collection of stills of Eric Close select the Gallery. To find screen captures of Eric Close from some of his many TV and Movie appearances, select Screen Captures. If you would like to contribute any images then please contact me.

Stills and Screen Captures Gallery

Fan Art and Wallpapers

The Fan Art and Wallpaper Galleries contains digital manipulations and original works created by many wonderful artists. If you are a buddign artist and would like to showcase your Eric Close here then please contact me.

Fan Art Gallery | Wallpaper

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To find out new events on the site select What's New. To check out other sites that may be of interest to you, choose Links.

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Fan Articles

If you wish to submit a personal article about being a fan of Eric Close then please send it to me through the contact link and, if approved then I will add it to Fan Articles.


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Note: Stories will not be removed from this archive unless they contravene the rules of submission.

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