The Magnificent Seven artwork created by Tarlan

The Magnificent Seven


Chris Larabee
Vin Tanner
Buck Wilmington      
Ezra Standish
Josiah Sanchez
JD Dunne
Nathan Jackson
Mary Travis
Michael Biehn
Eric Close
Dale Midkiff
Anthony Stark
Ron Perlman
Andrew Kavovit
Rick Worthy
Laurie Holden

EPISODE LIST: - Select link to see a synopsis of the episode

  01   Ghosts of the Confederacy
  02   One Day Out West
  03   Working Girls
  04   Safecracker
  05   Witness
  06   Nemesis
  07   The Collector
  08   Manhunt
  09   Inmate 78

  10   The New Law
  11   Sins of the Past
  12   Love and Honor
  13   Vendetta
  14   Wagon Train (Two Parts)
  15   The Trial
  16   Chinatown
  17   Achilles
  18   Lady Killers
  19   Penance
  20   Obsession
  21   Serpents


The series is set in the Old West, circa 1870 - although the producer freely admits that he tried not to tie the series down to any particular year, or even decade. The placement of the town is also fictitious and its name is only referred to in the original screenplay for the pilot as Paso del Norte. Fanon has provided the town with the name Four Corners and I make the assumption that this fictitious town may lie in the area close to the New Mexico/Texas and the Chihuahua/Sonora borders. This area is also close to Arizona.

I will be adding to this episode guide as time allows.