McKenna artwork created by Tarlan



Brick McKenna
Jack McKenna
Lee McKenna
Dale J Goodwin
Cass McKenna
Harry McKenna
Rose McKenna
Walter Maddock      
Eric Close
Chad Everett
Shawn Huff
Rick Peters
Vinessa Shaw
Jacob Loyst
Ashlee Lauren
Jack Kehler

EPISODE LIST: - Select link to see a synopsis of the episode

  01   McKenna's Wonder (Pilot)
  02   Splendor in the Grass
  03   The Pony
  04   Racing in the Streets
  05   The Pursuit
  06   Girl Gone
  07   The Hired Hand
  08   The Shooting
  09   The Trial
  10   Journey of Courage
  11   The Bear
  12   Remember the Night
  13   Same Time Next Year


The series takes place in the Cascades of Oregon, not far from the town of Bend.

After Cassie runs away from home, Brick brings her back but the tension between him and his father, Jack, makes it difficult for him to stay, so he plans to leave again. However, when Jack breaks his arm, Brick offers to help out and, eventually, he and Jack work through some of their problems. Brick decides to stay permanently.

I will be adding to this episode guide as time allows.