Nashville artwork created by Tarlan

Nashville - Season 1


Rayna Jaymes
Juliette Barnes
Scarlett O'Connor
Teddy Conrad
Deacon Claybourne      
Avery Barkley
Gunnar Scott
Coleman Carlisle
Lamar Wyatt
Tandy Wyatt
Maddie Conrad
Daphne Conrad
Bucky Dawes
Connie Britton
Hayden Panettiere
Clare Bowen
Eric Close
Charles Esten
Jonathan Jackson
Sam Palladio
Robert Wisdom
Powers Boothe
Judith Hoag
Lennon Stella
Maisy Stella
David Alford




01   Pilot
02   I Can't Help it (If I'm Still In Love With You)
03   Someday You'll Call My Name
04   We Live In Two Different Worlds
05   Move It On Over
06   You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)
07   Lovesick Blues
08   Where He Leads Me
09   Be Careful Of Stone That You Throw
10   I'm Sorry For You My Friend
11   You Win Again
12   I've Been Down That Road Before
13   There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
14   Dear Brother
15   When You're Tired Of Breaking Other Hearts
16   I Saw the Light
17   My Heart Would Know
18   Take These Chains From My Heart
19   Why Don't You Love Me
20   A Picture From Life's Other Side
21   I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive

SEASON 4 and 5


The series takes place in Nashville, Tennesee.

Teddy Conrad is Rayna James's husband and Mayor of Nashville.

Teddy and Rayna first met as kids, part of Nashville's country club, cotillion crowd. Teddy's family boasts a proud history of public service, but Teddy's father faltered because of alcohol, and Teddy's accomplishments have been scattered as well. While he's had some success in business and real estate, his last land deal nearly cost the family their savings.



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