Now & Again artwork created by Tarlan

Now & Again


Michael Wiseman (Newman)      
Dr. Theodore Morris
Lisa Wiseman
Heather Wiseman
Roger Bender
Eric Close
Dennis Haysbert
Margaret Colin
Heather Matarazzo
Gerrit Graham


01   101 Origin
02   On The Town
03   Over Easy
04   One For The Money
05   The Insurance Man Always Rings Twice
06   Nothing to Fear But Nothing To Fear
07   A Gril's Life
08   Pulp Turkey
09   By The Light of the Moon
10   I've Grown Accustomed To His Face
11   Fire and Ice
12   Disco Inferno
13   I Am The Greatest
14    Film At Eleven
15   Deep In My Heart There's A Song
16   Everybody Who's Anybody
17   Boy Wonder
18    Lizard's Tale
19   There Are No Words
20   The Bugmeister
21   The Bugmeister Part Bee
22   The Eggman Cometh


The series takes place in New York.

When Michael Wiseman, an insurance salesman, falls in front of a subway train, hsi friends and family believe he is dead. However, his brain is still alive and he is given the choice of dying or being placed into a new body. The only proviso is that he may never contact his wife and daughter.

It sounds too good a deal to pass up, but the reality is far harder as he is still in love with his wife and misses both her and their daughter.

I will be adding to this episode guide as time allows.