NTSB - The Crash of Flight 323 artwork created by Tarlan

NTSB - The Crash of Flight 323


Al Cummings
N'Tom Price
Savanah Cummings      
Mandy Patinkin
Eric Close
Freda Foh Shen


When Flight 323 crashes, Al Cummings is given the task of heading up the investigation into the crash. He and his team from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) go to the crash site.N'Tom Price is an ex-airforce pilot who was forced to give up flying when he developed diabetes. He is in charge of looking for pilot error as the cause of the crash and deals mostly with the co-pilot, who survived the crash.

Despite the weeks/months spent on the investigation, they can find no reason for the plane crash until N'Tom checks through the airforce records against this type of plane and discovers that there a certain sequence of events could lead to the rudder controls being reversed. This verifies the co-pilot's report and, using a flight simulation, they manage to recreate the events leading to the crash.

Further investigation reveals that the airline company knew about the defect but had hidden the details becuase it would be too costly to make the repairs.