The Sky is Falling artwork created by Tarlan

The Sky is Falling


Emily Hall
Amber Lee
Mona Hall
Mr. Finch
Mike Oderkirk      
Dedee Pfeiffer
Laura Leighton
Teri Garr
Bert Remsen
Eric Close


Emily Hall has finally finished writing her first novel but her rejoicing is shortlived as she receives rejection after rejection from book publishers.

Her long standing boyfriend, Mike Oderkirk, is a radio DJ but, when she tries to get a true commitment out of him, he decides that it is time for them to part. Emily tries to go on with her life while daydreaming about all the ways she could end it. Instead, she slowly befriends a patient in hospital who is dying. He was a English Professor, Mr. Finch, and he demands to read her book.

In the meanwhile, Mike realises that he made a mistake in breaking up with Emily and he leaves her a present, with a request that she listens to his show, which airs in the dead hours of night. On the show, he talks about his mistake in an abstract fashion, hoping that she is listening.

When Emily returns to the hospital on the following day, she is shocked to discover that Mr. Finch died that night. A woman approaches, and introduces herself as Mr. Finch's wife. She hands Emily a card. It turns out that she is the owner of a small publishing company and wants to publish Emily's book.

When she arrives back home, there are beautiful yellow flowers waiting for her -- from Mike.