The Stranger Beside Me artwork created by Tarlan

The Stranger Beside Me


Chris Gallagher
Jennifer Gallagher      
Det. Bill Rounder
Eric Close
Tiffani(-Amber) Thiessen
Steven Eckholdt
Alyson Hannigan


When Jennifer meets Chris, she falls in love with him and they are soon married.

Chris joins the Navy but, after a series of problems and an accusation of being a Peeping Tom, he leaves the Navy under less than pleasant circumstances.

They move to a new neighborhood and, soon after, there are reports of escalating sexual offences leading, eventually, to several rapes. At this point, Jennifer suspects it is Chris who is perpetrating this acts of increasing violence against women. As she has no evidence to convince the police, she decides to investigate, which leads her into mortal danger.

Eventually, she finds the proof she needs and manages to save another woman from being raped.