The Without Consent artwork created by Tarlan

The Without Consent


Laura Mills
Michelle Mills     
Robert Mills
David Mills
Jennie Garth
Jill Eikenberry
Tom Irwin
Johnny Galecki
Eric Close
Gene Lythgow


Laura comes from a dysfunctional family. Her mother is too controlling, her father ignores what is going on, her brother had an alcohol problem and was 'kicked out' by their mother -- she had called him a 'loser' and told him he was not welcome in their home any longer. When Laura starts having problems at school, her parents are convinced to send her to a specialist behavior school. However, this school is abusing the young people in its care using sedation and debasement as a means to break them.

David, Laura's brother, has managed to clean up his life. Although currently living in the back room of a friend's electrical store, and washing dishes for a living, he is about to start as an apprentice in an electrical firm -- and he has found an apartment. When his dad seeks him out, out of a sense of guilt, David tries to explain that Laura is not happy in the institution. However, his father has become too complacent over the years.

Laura discovers that the institution is committing fraud against the insurance companies and, at the same time, she discovers that one of the inmates, C.J., is actually there to uncover the extent of the fraud and find enough proof to have the place closed down. When Laura realises she is in danger through knowing too much, she calls David, asking for his help.

David enters the institution as a engineer, under the pretence of searching for a fault. In reality, he is there is pick up the documents Laura hid that would prove the fraud. Although he fears for Laura, he is relieved when he sees that his father has finally come around and is demanding to have his daughter back. Laura's parents take her to safety while David takes the documents to someone who can expose the owners of the institution.


David has the apartment and, although small, he agrees to let Laura come and live with him. After years of refusing to allow him in their home and lives, his mother relents and invites both Laura and David for Sunday dinner.